First Flashback Friday

This is a little late in the day, but I want to make every Friday a flashback Friday, where I post something I’ve already done. Hopefully something somewhat relevant to something I’ve seen over the past week.

This week, I was struck while reading the Thresher to see that Prof. Evan Siemann was in charge of a committee overseeing changes to the Honor Code. During my time at Rice, of all the professors I interacted with, Siemann was the one who seemed to have student interests least in mind. During arguments about calendar changes, he didn’t seem to care what student concerns were, just his own. Rice is supposed to be a university that stands apart because of its dedication to the undergrad body. But Siemann seemed to view student concerns with utter disdain and annoyance rather than concern.

He should be the last person in charge of any undergrad oriented changes. The Thresher does a good job calling for deliberation when contemplating the changes Siemann recommended

Thus, this Flackback Friday will be a Backpage in which I mocked Siemann for his complete ignorance of student concerns and rather selfish attitude towards university concerns. 1130thresp20

I wish that I had a copy of the cartoon Dan did for that week. It was an excellent mockery of just the horrible attitude of Siemann and other professors towards the academic calendar.


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