Burn Down Southern Senators

Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak – CNN.com.

Currently, passengers cannot bring guns aboard Amtrak trains, because Amtrak simply does not have the money or manpower to provide the security checks required to make gun handling on trains a safe prospect.

This bill does not have any extra money to help set up such a system.

This stroke of genius was sponsored by Senator Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi.

I’m convinced this is revenge for integration. Northerners went down to Mississippi and forced them to let black people in schools. So, now he’s going up to the Northeast Corridor, where Amtrak does most of its business, an forced expensive and unnecessary requirement.

Seriously, as if someone from Mississippi went to their senator complaining about not being able to bring guns on a train. If Joe Biden brought this up, I could understand. If someone from Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, or Connecticut brought this up, I could understand. But Mississippi? This is pathetic gun fetishization of the most preposterous kind.

Hey, let’s make it OK for people to bring guns on mass transit! Cool!

Admittedly, Mississippi does have 10 Amtrak stops, in such important cities as: Hazlehurt, Brookhaven and Yazoo City (and by God it put them on the map!)

In fact, all of Mississippi has an Amtrak ridership of about 100,000 people a year, at least for 2008. To put this in context, Penn Station alone has more than that in a week.

So in conclusion, someone wants to change the rules, forcing an expensive burden that will mostly affect somewhere he doesn’t live, to fulfill a fetishization of power.

Punchline: And that is the definition of government! Zing!

One response to “Burn Down Southern Senators

  1. While I do not agree with this myself, it is worth noting that the measure is geared to the carriage of firearms in checked baggage. Most of the trains in the Northeast have no checked baggage, and hence will be unaffected. Of course, even in checked baggage, Amtrak remains unprepared for this unfunded mandate which seems designed to make life more complicated for everyone on the railroad – employee and passenger alike.

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