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Burn Down Cardozo and their rejecting a reality show

For those who don’t follow (which is a generally good idea), MTV TV representatives floated the idea of having a reality show at Cardozo.

I have never supported anything more than this in my entire life.

But it didn’t happen. However, before that news got out, I wrote a little column about it. Here it is

Put me, Evan, in the Cardozo reality show

Over the past week, rumors have swirled at 55 5th avenue that Cardozo has been considering an offer to have a reality TV show filmed at our law school.

I am ashamed and shocked. How can Cardozo even consider a reality show without immediately contacting me to be a character?

Supposedly the plan is for the show to cover law students as they work through the year and offer legal advice to real clients, in real cases. Boring.

America doesn’t want to see well thought out, logical legal advice. It wants to see 1L’s crying in the fetal position. It wants to see best friends undermining each other for Big Law internships. It wants to see drama, entertainment, and breasts. And I’ve got two out of three.

In contrast to the inevitable characters of hot genius undergrad chick struck down by the first year of law school, or the newlywed trying to balance home and school, I’ll be the fun-loving cut-up with all the best B-stories who gets a spinoff in the end. Think Joey in Friends or G. Gordon Liddy in The Nixon Administration. And believe me, I’ve got the goods.

There are no limits to all the wacky adventures this Texas Jewboy transplant will get in. Think cutting intermittently from a serious plot to a B-story of me slipping and falling over the period of several hours as I try, desperately, to make my way to Cardozo during the first freeze. Apparently cowboy boots don’t make good snow boots.
Weeow! (That’ll be my catch-phrase, by the way).

Or a hilarious game of chicken between me and a professor as I try to bluff my way through a cold call that I’m obviously unprepared for.
“So let me get this straight, Mr. Mintz. You’re saying that Miller v. California held that a beer could have both great taste and be less filling.”

Or an episode where I have a breakdown and yell at all the people who take the elevator to just go to the second floor, but then — ironic twist! — I hurt my knee and have to take the elevator all the time.
“Oh, so its the guy who thinks he’s too good to take the elevator one floor!”

I can already taste the Cable Ace Award.
But those are just a few ideas. I’ll do whatever, and whomever, it takes to get on the show. Sleep through my final for the season finale? I’m there. Bone a professor for sweeps week? Oh you know I’m there. Hold a pork roast in the 3rd floor lounge during the Fast of Esther? I’ll have people saying Evan instead of Haman if its what we need for ratings.

Lets be honest. With my GPA and extracurriculars, I’ve got no hope for a high paying job, or even a low paying respectable job. So if I want my millions, I’ve got to make it American way: sell my soul to Hollywood. I foresee a career MTV movie award gigs, VH1 commentary, and a Playboy shoot that, no matter what, will still be better than Heidi Montag’s.

So choose me, Cardozo. You already picked me for admission and you didn’t regret that. Right?

IRAC Your World: Or, a female law students compelling brief in support of sex. – Above the Law – A Legal Tabloid – News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal Profession

Sigh, I want to marry this girl.

Burn Down John Culberson’s Twitter Account

Rep. Culberson is awfully proud of his Twitter account. He does it all the time. But if you don’t like what he has to say, its an awfully embarrassing outlet for one awful congressman.

Luckily, Twitter allows users to respond to other people’s tweets. Thus resulted in this day-long exchange between Culberson and various Rice persons.

johnculberson Very disappointing to see Sen Snowe become an enabler for Pelosi/Obama/Reid’s plan to nationalize health care & turn America into France about
3 hours ago from web

notABBY @johnculberson i’m very disappointed that you’re my representative to congress, but we can’t always get what we want. eh bien, c’est la vie!
about 3 hours ago from web

paulbtucker RT YES! @notabby: @johnculberson i’m very disappointed that you’re my representative to congress, but we can’t always get what we want.
about 3 hours ago from DestroyTwitter

evan7257 RT @notabby: @johnculberson i’m very disappointed that you’re my representative to congress, but we can’t always get what we want. || Yeah!
about 2 hours ago from web

TheRevDoctor RT @notABBY: @johnculberson i’m very disappointed that you’re my representative to congress, but we can’t always get what we want.
about 2 hours ago from Tweetie

evan7257 @johnculberson If we turn into France, does that mean we can lower the drinking age and get high speed rail? That would be nice. Get workin’
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to johnculberson

johnculberson When the fed govt decides when & how much to pay for which procedures, they run health care. Now imagine Texas Med Center run by fed gov’t.
about 2 hours ago from web

evan7257 @johnculberson Doesn’t that already happen via Medicare and Medicaid and VA? Do we need to get rid of those? Get workin’ on it!
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to johnculberson

johnculberson Solution is reduce cost of health care – make it portable & affordable NOT to nationalize it. Imagine MD Anderson Cancer Ctr run by fed gov!
about 2 hours ago from web

johnculberson @evan7257 And the French apparently have lower cholesterol than we do from drinking more wine than we do!
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to evan7257

[Woah woah woah. Did John Culberson just encourage more people to drink wine? Is that our health care solution, drink more wine? I’ve heard of some bad ideas before… BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! More wine for everyone!!!]

paulbtucker @johnculberson they DO have many, better health outcomes, including that pardox. but your idiotic tweets are not helping the case, btw.
about 2 hours ago from DestroyTwitter in reply to johnculberson

evan7257 @johnculberson I know! Make wine more available. Tax credits for wine and taxi expenses, to cut down on drunk driving.
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to johnculberson

mysticfeline @johnculberson I think it’s based more the absence of fried twinkies and congressmen opposed to allowing citizens healthcare.
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to johnculberson

johnculberson @paulbtucker Dist. 7 emails, phone calls faxes etc running 76% no, 24% yes; feds will run Tx Med Ctr, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr etc = disaster
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to paulbtucker

paulbtucker @johnculberson what about a poll on, you know, reality? who’s nationalizing anything? the bill is very, very moderate. Give fear a break.
about 1 hour ago from DestroyTwitter

johnculberson @paulbtucker Common sense: If feds decide when&how much to pay for which procedures, then feds control health care= feds run Tx Medical Ctr
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to paulbtucker

evan7257 @johnculberson Dont they already make those decisions via Medicare and Medicaid? And would everyone use the public option? I vote, answer me
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to johnculberson

paulbtucker @johnculberson speaking of your email, would you mind making that address public, so we can continue this privately?
about 1 hour ago from DestroyTwitter in reply to johnculberson

paulbtucker @johnculberson what’s the CBO score on common sense? I didn’t see that, my bad.
about 1 hour ago from DestroyTwitter in reply to johnculberson

evan7257 @paulbtucker No! Keep the discussion the public. Its fun to watch.
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to paulbtucker

notABBY @johnculberson 3/10 most expensive cities for health care are in TX & we pay $2800 above nat’l avg for coverage; feds cannot be worse @ this
about 1 hour ago from web

paulbtucker @notabby @johnculberson when we are widely lauded for our low cost of living otherwise. i’m looking for other options, public or not.
about 1 hour ago from DestroyTwitter in reply to notABBY

gracewichmann RT @notABBY: @johnculberson i’m very disappointed that you’re my representative to congress, but we can’t always get what we want.
8 minutes ago from web

So, still no answer from Culberson about how Medicare and Medicaid are federal programs, nor about how the bill would force everyone onto a federal plan. I guess he only uses Twitter when its convenient for him.

Also, I’m not quite sure if he understood sarcasm, or if he legitimately was encouraging more people to drink or what.

Well, thus goes government. America is going to turn into France and more people need to drink wine and the federal government will control all of health care under this bill, as they do in France.

[Also, in case I was laying it on too thick, France does not have a single payer system, as the British do. Rather, they have mandatory insurance via non-profit agencies. Patients pay the cost and then later recoup them via insurance. They also have choice of where and when to receive care. And according to that leftist rag, Businessweek, France’s private/public mix is pretty good

So, apparently, Culberson has no idea what the French health care system is like. He just uses France as an epithet for anything bad or “socialist,” whatever that means.

In reality, what Culberson fears is something like the British system. But “Turning America into Britain” isn’t really as big an insult

My Congressman is an idiot, or thinks that everyone else is an idiot.]

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Burn Down Rockets: 50 Years, 200 Missions, One Enormous Map – 50 Years of space exploration – io9

50 Years, 200 Missions, One Enormous Map – 50 Years of space exploration – io9.

OMG I want this so bad

Student Loans The “New Indentured Servitude”: The Atlantic

Student Loans The “New Indentured Servitude”: The Atlantic.

Ironically (?), Rice is featured in the photograph for a story about student loan debt.

Burn Down Vancouver City Hall?

Houston City Hall

Houston City Hall

Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver City Hall

Houston City Hall and Vancouver City Hall look almost exactly alike. That’s crazy! Is Vancouver Houston’s Canadian doppelganger? Maybe Vancouver is the Fringe bizzaro universe version of Houston?
Vancouver and Houston are both ethnically diverse, major port and railway cities. But Vancouver actually got the Olympics, damn it.

Mad Men: Burn Down the South

Up to this point in Mad Men, my mom and I have been discussing the future path Betty Draper.

The summary for this episode talked about Betty holding a political fundraiser. Reading these summaries at the beginning of the season, I assumed that Betty would get involved in the Goldwater campaign. She seemed like the perfect candidate. Slightly upper-middle class woman who won’t give her children the time of day but will fire a gun to protect them. Seems to hate everyone. Wants to hold on to her perfect housewife lifestyle. Goldwater all the way.
But my mom was more suspicious. She thought that Betty would get caught up in the Women’s Movement. Betty was cold and distant because she hated her suburban life, something she finally attested to after her trip back from Rome. Betty would get politically involved and realize how much is available for her, and how much she is being held back.
As my mom pointed out, Betty did go out to meet Henry Francis by herself. She did have sex with a random guy at the bar. She is her own woman.
And as Henry said: I don’t know what you want. What does Betty want? This is the question of the women’s movement, and Betty is refusing to bury it in valium.
Hilton is a running joke. He spends all his time worrying about his business, about dignity, about spreading God and freedom against Communism. And what is his final legacy (besides the hotels)? Paris Hilton.
Also, great Mad Men one liners from the episode:
“I voted for Kennedy, I’ll probably vote for him again.”
“Do you know how bad it must be to have all those Negroes descend on Washington DC”?


Matthew Yglesias » Should I Be Excommunicated? .

Yglesias links to a column from the Jerusalem Post (which is like Israel’s New York Times, but conservative and less Jewy) which proposes the Jewish form of excommunication (herem) for those who critique Israel.

The rot has extended to the Diaspora, especially Europe and has also affected the United States. Highly vocal Jewish groups like the recently created J Street describe themselves as ‘Zionist’ but their prime objective is to pressure the US government to use “tough love” against Israel – a euphemism for demanding that the Jewish state make further unilateral concessions to neighbors pledged to its annihilation.

I’m a member of J Street! I hope I’m not excomJewnicated.

But seriously, this is the line? Bacon cheeseburgers? Fine. Schtupping shiksas? Encouraged! Voting for politicians who thing that the USA is a Christian nation and that all Jews should go to Israel to usher in the end times in which Christ throws all nonbelievers into a pit of hellfire and suffering? No problem there.

But joining a pro-Israel, pro-Zionist organization that thinks peace is the best path? You should be kicked out like a member of the Nation of Islam at a bar mitzvah.

Burn Down People who make fun of things before I get my lazy ass to do it myself

McNaughton Fine Art.

If you haven’t seen the original View that.

Then look at this pretty good mockery:

I’m glad that he included all the quotes from founding fathers about their Enlightenment Era doubts about Christianity.

Net Neutrality is a socialist plot? Burn Down RedState.

via The Real Net Neutrality Astroturfers – Neil_Stevens’s blog – RedState.

when I first read this, I thought it was satire.
Opposing net neutrality because it is a socialist plan to impose regulations on the internet?


“The left is at it again. They know that in a straight-up battle of ideas, their socialist perversion of Net Neutrality could never win out. Nobody but the most blindly partisan supporters of Barack Obama wants a government takeover of the Internet, because everybody knows that when government takes something over, freedom in it tends to die”

Net neutrality is all about preserving freedom on the Internet. It would prevent telecoms from stifling arbitrarily or allowing those who can pay the most (large companies, political interests, etc) to get faster service than those who can’t pay as much (everyone else).

Net neutrality is supported by the left, the right (as the blog admits) and mostly by libertarians. To portray it as a leftist scheme is just plain incorrect and desperate politicking. Thou doth protest too much.

This is what people mean when they talk about brainlessness in modern conservatism. Because something involves regulation, it is inherently bad. Even if the regulation protects freedom on the web and facilitates a properly functioning web market, it must be opposed. This goes too far.
The Internet is supposed to be a capitalists dream because it is open, it is free, there are no costs for moving around. Lets keep it that way and support net neutrality.