Net Neutrality is a socialist plot? Burn Down RedState.

via The Real Net Neutrality Astroturfers – Neil_Stevens’s blog – RedState.

when I first read this, I thought it was satire.
Opposing net neutrality because it is a socialist plan to impose regulations on the internet?


“The left is at it again. They know that in a straight-up battle of ideas, their socialist perversion of Net Neutrality could never win out. Nobody but the most blindly partisan supporters of Barack Obama wants a government takeover of the Internet, because everybody knows that when government takes something over, freedom in it tends to die”

Net neutrality is all about preserving freedom on the Internet. It would prevent telecoms from stifling arbitrarily or allowing those who can pay the most (large companies, political interests, etc) to get faster service than those who can’t pay as much (everyone else).

Net neutrality is supported by the left, the right (as the blog admits) and mostly by libertarians. To portray it as a leftist scheme is just plain incorrect and desperate politicking. Thou doth protest too much.

This is what people mean when they talk about brainlessness in modern conservatism. Because something involves regulation, it is inherently bad. Even if the regulation protects freedom on the web and facilitates a properly functioning web market, it must be opposed. This goes too far.
The Internet is supposed to be a capitalists dream because it is open, it is free, there are no costs for moving around. Lets keep it that way and support net neutrality.


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