Matthew Yglesias » Should I Be Excommunicated? .

Yglesias links to a column from the Jerusalem Post (which is like Israel’s New York Times, but conservative and less Jewy) which proposes the Jewish form of excommunication (herem) for those who critique Israel.

The rot has extended to the Diaspora, especially Europe and has also affected the United States. Highly vocal Jewish groups like the recently created J Street describe themselves as ‘Zionist’ but their prime objective is to pressure the US government to use “tough love” against Israel – a euphemism for demanding that the Jewish state make further unilateral concessions to neighbors pledged to its annihilation.

I’m a member of J Street! I hope I’m not excomJewnicated.

But seriously, this is the line? Bacon cheeseburgers? Fine. Schtupping shiksas? Encouraged! Voting for politicians who thing that the USA is a Christian nation and that all Jews should go to Israel to usher in the end times in which Christ throws all nonbelievers into a pit of hellfire and suffering? No problem there.

But joining a pro-Israel, pro-Zionist organization that thinks peace is the best path? You should be kicked out like a member of the Nation of Islam at a bar mitzvah.


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