Mad Men: Burn Down the South

Up to this point in Mad Men, my mom and I have been discussing the future path Betty Draper.

The summary for this episode talked about Betty holding a political fundraiser. Reading these summaries at the beginning of the season, I assumed that Betty would get involved in the Goldwater campaign. She seemed like the perfect candidate. Slightly upper-middle class woman who won’t give her children the time of day but will fire a gun to protect them. Seems to hate everyone. Wants to hold on to her perfect housewife lifestyle. Goldwater all the way.
But my mom was more suspicious. She thought that Betty would get caught up in the Women’s Movement. Betty was cold and distant because she hated her suburban life, something she finally attested to after her trip back from Rome. Betty would get politically involved and realize how much is available for her, and how much she is being held back.
As my mom pointed out, Betty did go out to meet Henry Francis by herself. She did have sex with a random guy at the bar. She is her own woman.
And as Henry said: I don’t know what you want. What does Betty want? This is the question of the women’s movement, and Betty is refusing to bury it in valium.
Hilton is a running joke. He spends all his time worrying about his business, about dignity, about spreading God and freedom against Communism. And what is his final legacy (besides the hotels)? Paris Hilton.
Also, great Mad Men one liners from the episode:
“I voted for Kennedy, I’ll probably vote for him again.”
“Do you know how bad it must be to have all those Negroes descend on Washington DC”?


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