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Best Mustache Contest

Who has the better mustache? Houston mayoral candidate Gene Locke, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Rebel Alliance General Lando Calrissian, or cartoon character Cleveland Brown.

Two are fictional characters. Two are generals of some sort. Two won’t be on TV anymore next year, probably.

Lando is suave, sophisticated, and on the side of Good… eventually.

Eric Holder knows while terrorists have beards, all good law enforcement officials have mustaches. And he’s bringing it back!

Gene Locke has a grey mustache. Its like Greybeard, from Lord of the Rings, but Greymustache

Cleveland Brown has a surprisingly good cartoon show, but its no Lovematic Grandpa or Wiggam, P.I.

excuse me, but I believe this film has already been made. It was called Sunshine, and was terrible

xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe.

excuse me, but I believe this film has already been made. It was called Sunshine, and was terrible

A Senator’s Gift to the Jews, Nonreturnable –

A Senator’s Gift to the Jews, Nonreturnable –

Sen. Hatch shows that he really understands the ancient Hanukkah tradition of giving presents that no one really wants. This will go right next to my rifle-toting luggage, calculator watch, and hunting and fishing GPS.

Burn Down the Outrider

A few great moments from today’s Venture Brothers – The Better Man

The monster from the second world looks just like Cthulu

The cutout of Matthew Lesko

Orpheus’ ex-wife is hot.

“Can I pet your pussy?”
“There’s no irony in that, is there?”

Dean’s suit returns. I want that suit.

“I look like Rufio”

Hank giving Dean tips at the mall about picking up girls reveals that he has obviously read The Game or some other piece of pickup artist drivel.

“By wings of light, by day or night, we make our flight.”

So the Dean and Triana relationship comes to an end. However, her training hints that speculation about a super-villain future could be true. But I think we’re all waiting for the return of Kim, who wanted to be a super-villain and arch Hank.

Sometimes I get skeptical of the Venture Brothers, fearing that its just descending into the pop-culture reference and “oooh, I recognize that!” humor that is so popular (See Family Guy, or any sort of [fill in the blank] Movie)

But Venture Brothers does have a theme of fiction reflecting reality. After all the Rusty Venture cartoon is a cartoon based on the actual adventures of Rusty Venture. Its meta. Reminds me of Watchmen.

Is Giant Boy Detective the Venture version of Tales of the Black Freighter?

Then again, cultural references are at times funny, but not only that, accurate. Only on TV shows do people not make constant cultural references. Looking at my own kitchen, I could imagine a hilarious TV scenario where someone goes “Sorry, all I’ve got to eat is Mountain Dew and some Whey Protein Powder from Trader Joes.” Cultural reference, yes. But accurate.

So what makes the jokes work so well for Venture brothers is that they’re part of the dialogue, rather than distracting from the plot, as in Family Guy and many other shows. Furthermore, the references are specific and obscure enough that they don’t pander to the general public. The Henry Darger reference from the previous episode was inspired. More than anything, Venture Brothers knows its audience.