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Burn Down Huffington Post

Some of you may have noticed that bastion and savior of journalism, and personal toy of that woman from the land of unidentifiable accents, the Huffington Post has added a new tab: colleges!

Rather than just linking to professional news sites or blogs about nipple slips, HuffPost is now linking to college newspapers. Oh what attention I could have gotten if that had started but a few years ago.

Anyways, awesomely the Rice Thresher is one of their first college newspapers. Don’t believe me? Check out the links at the bottom of the page at

Now, you may not actually see the name, the Rice Thresher. That’s because, like a real newspaper, HuffPost makes preposterous spelling and fact checking errors.

wtf is a tresher?

wtf is a tresher?

Anyways, maybe HuffPost didn’t make a mistake. Rather, perhaps they were references that alternative paper at Rice, the Trasher.

the Trasher

You don't get enough aborted cyclopian fetus in your coffee these days

In fact, the Trasher would be perfect for HuffPost. Fraught with embarrassing pictures, nudity, and libel, it is a halcyon of what the Internet can do best, penis. I can’t wait to read all about the daily tresher every week, or however often it comes out.

In conclusion, HuffPost made a spelling error and I am mocking it and linking to a horrible picture that was one of many reasons that the 2008 Trasher was never published.

PS: WTF is a tresher?

Obama wants to Jizz ya!

Today I received this e-mail from Human Events

Obama wants to jizya

skeet skeet skeet

Full thing here: Obama’s Healthcare Jizya

Conservatives are afraid of Obama’s secret Muslim healthcare jizz!!! Ignore death panels, its all about jizz panels now! Who will stop Obama from raping your grandma with his muslim jizz?

There is only one way to stop Obama’s Jizya, and that is teabagging. Teabagging can intercept Obama’s jizz.

Now, time for the various points of hilarious hypocrisy or just nonsense

1. What does any of this have to to with Muslins?

2. They complain about some states paying for other states, but ignore the states screwed most by this: New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and California. Lie-beral states that get the least back in Federal Spending per dollars paid in Federal taxes (at least in 2004). And overall, urban areas getting screwed over by rural areas.

3. What the fuck does the equal protection clause have to do with any of this?