Burn Down Spanish Video Projects

A few weeks ago, my brother Emery made a video with his friends for Spanish class. As far as I can tell, they just had to make a movie in Spanish.

In a traditional fashion, Emery went way over the top, creating a 7th grade version of Saw… I think… I can’t understand too much Spanish.

However, upon viewing it his teacher demands that they cut out all the best (read: violent) parts and they had to have a talk with the counselor about weapons. Also, if they put it on YouTube they could risk suspension.

However, I am no longer at St. John’s and think that everyone should see this fantastic cinematic triumph.

So here it is.


3 responses to “Burn Down Spanish Video Projects

  1. Gotta say… that was decently good editing/storyboarding for a seventh grade project.

  2. Over the top, indeed. I agree–this has excellent production values for a middle school project. I’d say the words “malo,” “inteligente” and “ay yay yay” were perhaps overused, but the Spanish was basically pretty good.

    I am quite impressed–I wish I had produced anything as interesting when I was 13.

  3. Clearly, it’s his take on La Gran Aventura de Alejandro. Hated that book, but now I’m pretty sure I love it.

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