Burn Down Logizomai?

I just learned that my (probably) best column ever (Lakewood: All the fire without the brimstone) is going to be used in an upcoming book titled “Logizomai: A Reasonable Faith in an Unreasonable World.

I was superexcited.


Until I realized that the so called book was a basically a collection of blog entries by some online ranter so unoriginal and cliche as to rebuff arguments for gay rights with bestiality comparisons.

Really? Bestiality? I think thats a Blue-3 to a Blue-2 on a Derozier Political Argument Grid. If you’re arguing that, its a sign that you’re not even trying to listen to the other side. (Key word: Consent).

I’d link to his blog where he comments on my column, but I’m not sure about sending the millions and millions of hits a link from this blog would certainly provide. But that’s a risk I’ll have to take. LINK

He also writes about politics and religion and such. I don’t want to ruin it all so SPOILER ALERT: Evolution is bad.

Anyways, here is a direct clip of my article

I successfully used this column as a pickup line at Rice. That's how good it was.

Anyways, the book is being published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, so look for it in at your local Church gift shop.

And yeah, rereading what he wrote about my column makes me realize that he didn’t really get it. But whatever, I loves the attention. Professional punditry, here I come!

4 responses to “Burn Down Logizomai?

  1. No one will buy his book, thank Christ. What an absolute loser. He borders incoherence and he completely misses the complexity of your article. One day he will die and he will discover that he has to spend eternity with all the atheists, Jews, fags, Moslems, Hindus, Rastafarians, and other spiritual riffraff. I get great pleasure from such a fact.

  2. You guys will be glad to know that the book is now out. The chapter on your article on Joel Osteen is very different than what is on the website. And I appreciate your tolerance!!

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