Burn Down 4/20

According to various studies that I won’t link to here, long-term marijuana use can have negative effects on short term memory, and long term memory, and also short term memory, too.

To help everyone cope with the inevitable side effects that come with celebrating 4/20 (aka Mark Shepard’s birthday), here are some ghosts from 4/20s past!

Also, wouldn’t that be a neat idea for a movie, “A 4/20 Carol” about a politician opposing a marijuana legalization bill, but then is visited by 3 ghosts: Ghost of 4/20 past, present and future. The film would go straight to DVD and would be aired regularly on late night Comedy Central.

Hey, its that 420, guy!

Or, you know, read it on the website: Roll up for the 420 magical mystery origins

I hit a few profs with the Tenure Truck

Ah memories of 4/20s past.


One response to “Burn Down 4/20

  1. I saw today’s date and thought back to your 2006 article.

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