I wrote a thing for the Jurist. If you don’t go to Cardozo, you won’t care.

I have a column in this month’s Jurist, the student newspaper at Cardozo. It is about how the Office of Career Services funds summer stipends for students who work at nonprofits. You could read it on the Jurist website, but its not up yet. So instead, read it here! Direct from the newspaper.

You probably don't care about this at all

jurist PILSA funding

A problem with so much of my writing is that it is hyperlocal. Who the hell cares about how the OCS distributes summer stipends at Cardozo. The system doesn’t even affect  all the students at Cardozo, let alone anyone else. Luckily, I believe that the Thresher made a similar commentary in the 2006 Trasher, which I suppose isn’t related to the Thresher. But it is. Anyways, here’s Amber Obermeyer McCullagh and Nathan Black’s “Another long-ass policy editorial no one will read.”

Other people on the Thresher were way funnier than I was.

Long-ass policy editorial in the 2006 Trasher

Anyways, that’s what I do these days for a newspaper: hyper-specific commentary about topics only the closely associated care about. Twitter and the expansion of hyper-local news coverage is probably the best thing that could happen to me.


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