Shitty Senators and Goldman Sachs’ Step 1: We find the worst play ever written

Why won't Drudge say shit? Is he being censored by Muslims?

Senators are cursing up a storm on the TV! This is, literally, worse than the Brooks-Sumner affair.  So far, both Claire McCaskill and Carl Levin have use the cursed S-word, in an adjective form.

You ever notice how Carl Levin looks exactly how Mallard Filmore imagines all liberals look like?

Now, there is certainly room to debate the difference between Shit and Shitty, and the leeway one is given when quoting curse words rather than using them ad hoc. (See: Racist Backpage). But instead of doing that, here is a video of Rep. Barney Frank cursing, too. Because its fun.

And as we all know, Senators cursing is way bigger new than the underlying money-making scheme of a company being contrary to a functioning marketplace. If a company can make money on investments failing, then success relies upon creating market failure, which various investment banks did. If only farmers made money by losing crops, or producers made money by a musical closing on the first day!

Of course, like in all things, someone has already made that joke.

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