The Gay Confederate Flag: Or, Burn Down Atlanta

Via Twitter, future primary source for all history papers, David Corn raises the concept of combining gay history and confederate history months into one single celebratory month. The result is beautiful.

I believe Cleveland Sewall was the first to invent this flag

It is just glorious, hypnotic even. Of course, much like Confederate History Month, Gay Confederate History Month is all about asking questions concerning our national history. To quote the site where this flag was posted:

  • Is it possible for gay men to openly express their pride in Confederate heritage?
  • Would the discovery of an individual’s sexuality threaten their standing as a legitimate member of the Confederate heritage community?
  • Were there any gay Confederate soldiers?
  • Were there any gay Confederate officers?
  • Were there any gay Confederate politicians?
  • What was the frequency of gay sexual encounters in Confederate ranks during the war and were those parties any less Confederate?
  • Were there any gay “Christian Warriors” in Confederate ranks? Could there be a gay Christian Warrior in Confederate ranks?  [After all, status as a slaveholder doesn’t seem to be a problem for some.

Indeed, these are questions we need to ask so we can further understand our past heritage. Thus, next Confederate History Month, everyone should read Thomas Lowry’s The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War

But looking back of the flag, good lord is it amazing. This really should be the city flag for Atlanta, which according to Wikipedia has the third highest LGBT population per capita, behind San Francisco and Seattle. (One can argue that these statistics are swayed because SF, Seattle and Atlanta only refer to the central city and do not take into account the outlying suburbs, unlike Houston which incorporated the suburbs into one huge sprawl that dilutes the gay population. But numbers are numbers). I mean, Sherman burning Atlanta? More like Gayman Flaming Atlanta? amirite? Confederate flag? More like confederate fag? amirite?

Really, next pride parade I want to see that flag.

5 responses to “The Gay Confederate Flag: Or, Burn Down Atlanta

  1. I stumbled across this site by mistake, whilst searching for something else. First & foremost (and lastly), this ‘concept” of combining the one sacred holiday, to commemorate individuales who died for causes they deeply believed in, with an unholy, unrighteous lifestyle does not even merit a response ~ other than how dare you desecrate the memory of such Partiots. When over 600,000 lesbians & homosexuals are senselessly slaughter across this land, then I’ll say: Let’s “consider” it!

  2. But some of the soldiers who died could have been gay. And statistically, were.

  3. TrueConfederate

    1 gay confederate is worth 10 straight yanks !
    or 10 gay yanks.

  4. Were there any gay Confederate politicians?

    Yes, in fact one of the most radical pro-slavery politicians in South Carolina was a bisexual who carried on an affair with a male member of the Confederate Congress.

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