Creepy alum in the Rice Trasher

Every year, the Rice Thresher comes out with an annual April Fools (or just whenever) satirical version that is entirely unrelated to the Thresher, titled the Rice Trasher.

Apparently starting in the 1920s, there was an annual April Fools’ Day parody of the Thresher known as The Flesher, which was printed nearly every year through the middle of the century. Only since the 1960s was this satirical version known as The Trasher.

However, this traditions has had its gaps and missed years, most recently starting in 2008 because of my own hubris and penchant towards libel. However, it is back this year with a rather impressive and hilarious issue.

In addition to the usual sex jokes, penis jokes, and staff bonability bracket, there was also a possible reference to me, Evan. (pdf: creepy alum)

Obviously, Sarah is the creepy alum

Now, I’m not sure it is about me. It is difficult to tell just what exactly is going on, given what I assume is Davers‘ rhetorical version of glitch art. However, there is another creepy alum in the picture: Sarah. So perhaps the creepy alum referenced is actually her.

Or maybe Stephen. It is probably Stephen.

2 responses to “Creepy alum in the Rice Trasher

  1. But not Lily! Because she’s really cool.

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