Transformers 3 is a 9/11 Truther movie

The arrows mean conspiracy.

This is the plot to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

A wealthy accountant with government ties makes a temporary alliance with the foreign bad guys. This accountant’s children expand the power throughout the US economy, and use it to help the bad guys.

The good guys who are aligned with the US know of the scary bad guys, but believe that they will be unable to convince elected US officials of the threat posed by the foreign bad guys.

In the meantime, these pro-freedom good guys sometimes go on random military expeditions in the Middle East without Congressional, or even government, authority.

Under the claim of supporting freedom, these good guys let the bad guys launch an attack on a dense urban area, notably knocking over some large skyscrapers. Thus, the US government recognizes the bad guys’ plan of bringing their world to our world and imposing their laws and way of life on us.

Thus, the elected officials finally support the pro-freedom good guys, but only after these pro-freedom good guys knowingly let this attack happen.

Indeed, while they proclaim to be pro-freedom, the Autobots actively circumvent the Constitutional process to gain support for they war they desire.

The plot to Transformers 3 is a 9/11 Truther’s dream.

And now for fun, a description of the Decepticon bad guy Shockwave.

Behold, the One-Eyed Monster!

Shockwave. This one-eyed monster controls a giant tentacle, which at many points throughout the film it uses to terrify women. In a notable scene, the one-eyed beast ties up the female lead and threatens to torture her with his tentacle. Later, with the tentacle near destroyed, the woman belittles and emasculates Shockwave, calling him a “bitch.” He reacts in violence, seeking to reclaim his alpha-male status.

This woman, whose lips evoke imagery of flower petals, is tortured by the tentacles of a one-eyed monster.

While the woman with the red, engorged lips is not named Judy, a good deal of her interaction with the tentacled beast does occur in Chicago. Indeed, the whole film is some real Blue and Green Screen Music.

Class dismissed.

7 responses to “Transformers 3 is a 9/11 Truther movie

  1. Man, I don’t know.

    Conspiracy porn?

    I might have to reconsider my oath never to see a film connected to Michael Bay.

  2. It is certainly a cultural experience.

  3. You’re dumb.

  4. Hey i just watched the movie and was definitely not expecting to see what i did. You did an awesome interpretation on your review of the movie, but i believe you left a lot out. i hope people will start to open their eyes on what movies are saying these days. it’s getting ridiculous how they don’t want to face reality. transformers 3 was a great movie and if you are awake, you will notice many things while watching this film. there’s plenty of symbology to find such as police state, global enslavement, population reduction, bringing aliens to earth to convince us of the need for government help, etc. People, just have an open-mind that it’s possible for this to happen and then you will begin to see this scary, evil plot that other revolutionaries are prepared for.

  5. I know this is old, but I stumbled on here through google.
    I don’t know if anyone caught this. But your confusing characters.
    The tentacle beast that attacks the girl is not shockwave, that’s soundwave.
    And the one that she calls a bitch is megatron.

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