Rice University, not University of Houston, belongs in the Big 12

How many Aggies does it take to move a school from the Big 12 to the SEC? I don’t know, but why would Texas A&M want to join the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Anyways, Texas A&M (is that another name for SMU, as my New York grandmother asked) isn’t going anywhere. But that hasn’t stopped talk about college sports realignments. While the conversation should have ended with the SEC’s rejection of A&M, diehard University of Houston boosters just won’t shut up about how they deserve to be in the Big 12.

Most recently, State Rep. Garnet Coleman wrote a letter to Chairman of the House Committee on Higher Education Dan Branch encouraging the University of Houston to replace A&M in case of any move. (pdf: ChairmanBranch UH big 12)

But if any Houston-based C-USA team belongs in the Big 12, it is Rice.

Why? Because of the crazy arguments I can make right here.

1. Rice has a bigger endowment

First of all, Rice has a bigger endowment. While I didn’t think this was an issue, but the Wikipedia article about the Big 12 Conference seems to imply otherwise. Simply by specifically listing endowment, the article implies that it is an important criteria.

Rice University has an endowment of $4.1 billion. Now that’s a hefty package right there, especially in contrast to UH’s wimpy $553 million. Rice would be number 3, but UH would find itself behind even Texas Tech.

Let’s just face it,  Rice is better endowed than UH.

Advantage: Rice

Rice 1 UH 0.

2. Rice has a bigger football stadium

Currently, the smallest football stadium in the Big 12 is Baylor University’s Floyd Casey Stadium, which holds 50,000. As is the university’s custom, UH would come far below this already low minimum, with Robertson Stadium holding merely 32,000. That is less than Rice University’s old Rice Field.

Rice Stadium, on the other hand, currently holds 50,000 and is expandable to 70,000.

Plus, Rice Stadium has already held a Super Bowl, and was the site of President Kennedy’s “We Will Go to the Moon” speech. What has Robertson Stadium had? Uh, an AFL championship game.

Advantage: Rice

Rice 2 UH 0

3. Rice has a bigger baseball field

Rice’s consistently successful baseball team plays in the beautiful Reckling Park, which seats 5,368, larger than all but 4 of the Big 12 baseball parks.  UH also has a baseball team, apparently. It plays in Cougar Field, which merely holds 5,000.

Advantage: Rice

Rice 3 UH 0

4. Rice has a better athletics attendance ratio

In 2009, Rice had an average attendance per football game of 13,552. In the same year, UH had an average attendance of 25,242. UH may seem to have the advantage here … if you suck at critical thinking. But the fact of the matter is that Rice does a much better job at getting fans to turn out than UH does.

Rice is able to average 13,552 fans to football games with but 5,760. On the other hand, UH has a total student body of 38,752 yet can only get a football turnout of 25,242. Rice demonstrates the ability to get fans and support from beyond campus in a way that UH merely cannot. While Rice can get more than double of its student body to show up, UH can’t even get the whole campus to turn out to games.

What a weak and pathetic show of support. What a lack of athletic potency. Poorly endowed indeed.

I bet UH can’t even get UH student James Franco to turn out to games.

Furthermore, while Rice has an attendance : student body ratio (ASB) of 2.35. UH has an ASB of merely .65. Rice’s ratio is more than 3.5 times greater than UH’s. Now that is a show of real team support and talent. Assuming static ASB, if Rice were the size of UH, it could get football crowds of more than 91,000. This is the sort of number that belongs in the Big 12.

Advantage: Rice.

Rice 91,000 UH 0

In conclusion, Rice belongs in the Big 12. Let’s make this happen.

26 responses to “Rice University, not University of Houston, belongs in the Big 12

  1. FIrst, I’d like to welcome you back to cyberspace and congratulate you on surviving late July (I understand you took a test of some kind).

    I think Rice belongs in the Big 12 because they have the biggest rats around. I just got back from running over there, and for the 4th time in the last month, a rat has actually appeared to want to join me for a short distance in jogging around the track.

    Also: Someone spraypainted “Sorry about your wall” on the outside wall of the stadium in May – and it’s still there.

  2. Probably the most ignorant article written this year

  3. I thought that this was going to be a legitimate article of why Rice should be in instead of U of H. You have failed me miserably. How about you post the record of Rice from 2005-2010 and U of H from 2005-2010? How many years did it finally take the Nerdy basketball team to beat u of h? FITFO!

  4. hahaha Katydidknot…that’s funny.

  5. Neither of you kiddie schools belong anywhere near a real conference

  6. Thanks for the interest in this.

    Point #1… granted, although it may not be a fair comparison. I would not even give a point for something as lame as endowment.
    Point #2 – While Rice’s stadium is 50,000, UH has a plan currently to build a new stadium around 55,000, so let’s call that a push.
    Point #3 – Come on! 5,000 compared to 5300… PUSH!
    Point #4 – this is a weak argument at best. The real story here is that Rice attendance has been stagnant, while UH has steadily increased four-fold over the past decade. Point – UH
    In addition… let’s look at how the two schools travel. UH regularly travels 5-10K to games within 300 miles. Rice doesn’t travel more than 500 to UH, UT, or any school for that matter. This point goes to UH.

    My scoreboard is a soccer score. UH 2 Rice 0

  7. Ok. Seriously? Rice over UH? Yes there football stadium is bigger but it is also archaic and UH is upgrading both Basketball and Football stadiums. Have you seen Rice’s basketball gym? Hardly worthy of big 12 status.
    Baseball stadium 368 more seats. Seriously? who cares UH adds bleachers and lawn seating that more than beats Rice. And yes it does matter that UH has double the amount of football fans. UH is a commuter school hence the low turnout. Rice you are forced to live on campus.

    Plus you are not even considering quality of programs. The ONLY sport Rice is better at is baseball. UH wrecks their ass every year in Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Swimming, Golf, and Diving. Football, Basketball, and Track are the Big 12. Yes baseball but 3/4 goes to UH by a long shot. Rice would just be another Baylor getting there ass reamed year in and year out bottom feeding.

  8. you say how much better houston is compared to Rice. Houston hasn’t beaten Rice in Baseball in nearly 4 years. Rice also swept UH in Basketball in 2010 and beat them in football (because Keenum was hurt). UH may have a much better football team. But football isn,t the only the sport that matters. But it isn’t ranked. Rice’s baseball team was a national 8 seed.

    to top things off Rice’s academics rival Ivy league educations.

    p.s. sports is a pointless argument. neither school could compete with Big12 programs like UT,TAMU,OSU, and OU. Either school would just be crushed at football.

  9. Montgomery, you may forget that UH has beaten OSU 2 out of 3 games in the last 5 years. We used to beat UT like a drum back in the SWC days.

  10. A & M Wins

  11. Lol rice. Your a fucking retard. Rice dosent even want to join the big 12. Kill yourself.

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  13. University of Houston 73- Rice 34…. just go to espn. The score board speaks for itself and is unbiased. 91,000-0 is a bit of an exaggeration.

    UH record (8-0), ranked #17 in the nation
    Rice record (2-6), ranked.. um.. somewhere

    that is all, just reiterating the facts.

    -a Baylor Bear

  14. This is one of the dumbest articles I have seen anybody write in God knows how long. Please don’t ever write again.

  15. Don’t quit your day job buddy. Pretty terrible article and I’m a fully neutral party in this (UT alum)

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