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Thanksgiving: Frying a turkey and kissing a bulldog

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. My family celebrated in two ways. First, I fried a turkey. Now, usually when people think of frying a turkey, they think of this:

Or this:

Or any of these.

However, our fried turkey looked more like this:

Last Thanksgiving, my mommy ordered an electric turkey frier. This is only the second time we have used it, but so far it has been a wonderful investment. Instead of overflowing oil resulting in redneck fires, we merely have little oil splashes that result in me going “ouchies!” And this year I also injected the turkey with a delicious cajun marinade and then covered it in spices. It ended up looking like this:

Delicious and spicy fried turkey!

But speaking of Butterballs, post-Thanksgiving dinner was filled with Vicktortime with Vicktor de la Panda ben Joseph h’Cohen. Most notably, Nicky tried to give Vicktor mouth-to-mouth by breathing in his nose. Vicktor was not entertained:

But we were very entertained! So Nicky made up for it by kissing Vicktor:

So let us all give thanks for Da’Nicky and Vicktor.