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Flashback Friday: Hey, an April Fools joke!

There is a long history of April Fools jokes in my repertoire, admittedly mostly in the form of satirical or joke issues of student newspapers. This is a habit dating back to high school.

I never received an editorship on the St. John’s Review, mostly because they thought I couldn’t deal well with people with whom I disagreed.

You throw one chair…

Anyways, instead of being opinion editor, they put me in charge of the yearly satire issue, mostly because all the other editors didn’t want to have to deal with it. So I just kinda did the whole thing myself. Whatever. I wish I had a pdf of it, I think there is a paper copy at home.

After that, there was the Trasher, I wasn’t really part of it freshman year. There was definitely contributions sophomore year. However, the icing on the top with junior year, when we made fun of the Rice Standard and made Alice Townes cry and threaten to sue us. It was The Best.

And then there was the senior year Trasher, which was never published because it had pictures of fetuses and potential libel.

Anyways, here is an April Fools column. An oldie, but a goodie. (pdf: Mintz april fools column)